Laboratory Tours and Demonsrations

  • Gold nanoparticles and dynamic light scattering analysis
  • Polymer Composites
  • Fluorescent Quantum Dots for biomedical and agricultural application
  • Copper alternative bactericides for crop protection
  • Colloidal synthesis of gold nanoparticles with different colors
  • Live 3D nanostructure laser lithography, live skin-like displays, IR detectors
  • Two dimensional materials

Lecture Topics

  • Nanoparticle technology for agriculture sustainability
  • Nanoparticles for in vitro diagnostics applications
  • Nanotechnology for energy conversion/storage devices
  • Nanophotonics, displays, electronics
  • Nanocomposite materials for engineering applications
  • Nanotechnology for environment protection
  • Nanotechnology for new vaccines and pharmaceuticals
  • Entrepreneurship in nanotechnology